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Buying a car is a huge investment. From apply ing the loan to afford the latest car models to dealing with value depreciation on disposal, it is indeed no small task. Until you are ready to commit, Unique strives to provide you with all the conveniences of owning a car, minus the hassle!

Unique Rent-A-Car offers the most comprehensive car rental package you can find. See comparison table below and find out what makes us Unique, and your best partner for your short term and long term car renting needs.

Features Other Companies Unique Rent-A-Car
Licensed by LTA with Trusted Track Records Some X
Car Handover At Your Doorstep within 24-hour X X
Comprehensive Insurance Some X
Driver Pack (Umbrella, Road Directory) Some X
Emergency Roadside Service Some X
GPS Navigator X Available upon request
Cash Card and Parking Coupons X Available upon request

For other enquires, kindly contact our customer service hotline +65 6292-7656. Corporate and individual inquiries are welcome.